On this blog, we aim to discuss the history of the French Revolution from all perspectives, and the comparative study of revolutionary experiences in European and Global history from the eighteenth century to the present.

Over the coming weeks and months, we hope that it will develop into an active space for the exchange of ideas, and the development of new collaborations and future research projects.

We welcome contributions of many kinds – general announcements about who you are and the work you’re doing in these fields; notes of interest from your current research; observations on your current reading; reports from conferences and colloquia; news about forthcoming events; and of course commentary and discussion about any of these things added to original posts.

If you would like to contribute posts, please send an email via the “Want to Contribute?” page above. Anyone can comment on existing posts, but comments will not be published until they have been moderated by an editor.

Here are some recent thoughts on the question of revolution and revolutions, by Marisa Linton, and Dave Andress. We look forward to publishing many more…


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